Illustration & lettering
by Tom “edgecase” Miszkin

I am a seasoned professional illustrator with over 12 years of experience in the world of visual storytelling. My artistic journey has been a thrilling exploration of the darker and more unconventional facets of the creative spectrum. With a penchant for horror, grotesque imagery and pop-surrealism, my work invites viewers into a realm where the bizarre and unsettling collide with the familiar. I use it to highlight the absurdity and contradictions of the world we inhabit.

Drawing inspiration from the depths of the human psyche and the enigmatic corners of the world, my illustrations are a reflection of the uncanny and the absurd. Each piece is meticulously crafted to convey a narrative that challenges conventional perceptions and provokes thought. I revel in the distortion of the human form, creating exaggerated and unsettling characters that blur the line between fascination and repulsion. My grotesque art is a commentary on the fragility of our physical and emotional selves. I infuse elements of pop culture into my illustrations, creating a surreal and thought-provoking juxtaposition. Irony is a key element in my work, challenging the status quo and questioning societal norms.

As a professional illustrator with over a decade of experience, I am committed to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling and inviting viewers to explore the eerie aspects of our collective imagination. My work challenges perceptions, sparks dialogue, and leaves a lasting impression on those who dare to venture into my world of dark and captivating art. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of collaborating with a wide range of clients, from publishers and musicians to filmmakers and art collectors.

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